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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sarah's Comments on Kevin's Blog on gender within Manswers


To begin with, your blog post was incredibly well written. I found all of the information within it very interesting and pertinent to class topics.

  • You're article made really good connections to the rejection of homosexuality by the normative heterosexual masculine community
  • All of the text quotes you used within the blog post were appropriate and well utilized
  • I found your idea of analyzing commercials between show clip segments was a really creative and innovative way of further examining gender roles within the premise of the show.

  • I would have liked to see the more blatant constructs of gender within the show, although you did state in your conclusion that masculinity and femininity was portrayed with varying degrees of subtly, I just wanted it brought out a littler further
  • Although helpful, the second paragraph may have been condensed slightly, due to the fact that it was only giving background about the show.

Really well done Kevin, I enjoyed reading your blog.


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