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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kevin's comments on Sarah's post on gender within The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Nice post Sarah! Here are some thoughts...

Ways in which you excelled:
-You do a good job of speaking to audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with the show. I, for one, have never seen the show, and when reading the first transcript from the episode bout the miscarriage, I could not figure out how the interaction had anything to do with socio-economic oppression. However, in your analysis, you introduce the characters well and make your point quite clear. By the end of post, I felt I had a good grasp on what the characters Ben, Adrian, and Amy were all like, and you introduced them without ever losing focus on your thesis, so that was impressive.
-You connect the TV show to the week's readings quite well. Ben certainly seems to embody the principles of Lull's definition of hegemony, and identifying Adrian as the "sista with attitude" at the end is spot on. You demonstrate a keen understanding of these readings by being able to contextualize them this way.

Ways in which you could have improved:
-Your analysis of the hegemonic oppression of lower-class characters is thorough and seemingly accurate, but I did not get a clear idea of what it means to be man or a woman on this show. Rather, I learned what it meant to be wealthy or poor, or white or "ethnic."
-A minor error, but some of the punctuation in your excerpts from the show seems incomplete or a little confusing. It was not a terrible issue to work through, but made reading in these sections a little choppy.

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