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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sam's Feedback on Danielle's Patriarchy and Hegemony in "That '70s Show"

All in All I think this was a great post. I've seen a lot of That '70s Show and after you explain the different examples of Hegemony and Patriarchy I was very surprised on how different that show can be seen. I really enjoyed reading this. Here are my comments:

Things you did well:
- Although I have seen this show before I like how well you explained the show as though no one has seen it before. You explain each character you are going to use well and if I hadn't seen the show I don't think it would have made much of a difference.
- I very much liked how you included both how Donna fights Hegemony but is also bound to it because of everyone around her. This contrast made the post very interesting.

Things to improve on:

- Although I think the contrast between the fight between counter-hegemony and hegemony itself was a great idea, I also think you have to be careful with how you write it because if read the wrong way it can almost seem as though you are battling against yourself and your thesis

- Other then that and the occasional grammar error I think your first blog went very well!

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