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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tylin's Feedback on Mike's Blog Post 3: Miley's Been Tamed

     Mike your group did a great job in improving Miley's Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed. Upon reviewing the video I found several strengths and little weakness. Your strengths include adding subtitles that told the story about how Miley's image has changed through the media. Also the message conveyed was very clear that the media has now tamed Miley to act a certain way and to be portrayed to her fans as a sex symbol. Last the change in scenes were also a great improvement, by implementing you (mike) as the father, Hannah as the Miley's agent, and Amy as the idolizing fan. The only weakness I found is the slow start of the video, maybe if the video has introduced with a quick message alerting the audience where the video was going then their interest would be caught a lot quicker. Also some of the images should have been slowed down a bit, a few of them breezed by but other than that your group did an awesome job.

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