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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mike's Feedback on Tylin: "Binge Drinking and Date Rape: Subverted Version of Say Ahh"

Strengths: Great improvements!  The biggest improvement I noticed was that the revised video actually carried a subversive message instead of just being a remake of the video.  The majority of the pictures you added were very effective in illustrating the date rape theme you chose to go with, and this was an important strength to your revisions.  I liked that you kept clips of the rapper from start to finish.  As the progression of pictures went from people drinking to drunk and passed out girls, the rapper kept doing his thing and was just as energetic and enthusiastic as he was in the beginning while showing no regard for the state of the women in the pictures.  Hey kept asking them to "Say Ahh" and drink more even though the women in the pictures clearly didn't need any more to drink.  This seemed symbolic of how a man might behave in a real case of date rape involving an excessively drunk woman.

Weaknesses: This video was much improved from the first cut, but there were still a few areas that could be improved.  The message was much better in this version, but a few slides of words explaining the message would make the video more clear to a general audience.  While the majority of the pictures were effective in conveying your message, a few in the beginning seemed out of place and didn’t really contribute to the message or the buildup towards the message (i.e. really ripped guy on table with girl).  Lastly, I thought that the title could have been more creative.  It was definitely a good, descriptive title and left the viewer with no questions as to what they were about to watch, but I think a clever title describing the subverted version may have been more appropriate.  On a minor note, I know video editing is not easy and is not part of the rubric for this video, but the lip syncing was a bit off and made certain parts hard to watch.

Overall, great job improving the first version.

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