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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ola's feedback on Cara's---Binge Drinking & Date Rape: Subverted Version of "Say Ahh"

Hey, Cara ok so watching the first video and then the remake, i can clearly see a great deal of improvements and also a couple of areas that can still be worked on. Withstanding i enjoyed it and commend you guys for doing a great job subverting the message.

Areas the video did well in,

-compared to the first video, there was clearly a subversive message in this remake. Watching it, it made sense as to what message the video is trying to convey

- I also really liked that you kept clips from tylin rapping which clearly depicts typical rapper's attitude towards women.

-i liked the theme where the women continued to drink and then the pictures diverted to them actually needing help. Instead the rapper kept singing and encouraging them to drink more.

Although you did a great a job but some areas that can be improved

- same as the old video,the rappers words were not matching with the lyrics of the song which made it kind of hard to follow.

-I liked that pictures were incorported into the video but some pictures seemed unecessary for example (the ripped guy and the girl on the table) i was tryna figure out what that had to do with binge drinking or date raping.

overall, you guys did a great job considering the amount of work we had to do within a short period of time.

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