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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cara's feedback on Ola's: "Sex Room" the (Real)mix Revised

Hey, Ola! I really enjoyed watching this.

Areas the video did well in:

-I liked the message you were trying to convey. I felt it went great with the lyrics of the song.
-I felt you had some really powerful imagery.
-I think the song you picked is exactly what we've been reading about in class. It really underscores how the degradation of women is absolutely condoned in pop culture.

Some areas that could be improved:

-I liked the statistics you included in the video. I felt like you could have pushed the narrative of sex trafficking further with more figures and facts.
-I noticed that you used a lot of the same images in this revised video as you did in the original. I think the second video could have been stronger with different images or a different direction.

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