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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rachael's Feedback on Dan's Blog Post 3

  Much improved from the last video!! It was much more obvious that this video was trying to send a message to the public. The song and the theme of the video seemed to correspond together. I also loved the video editing and the video clips placed throughout the piece!!!

  I was a little confused whether your video's main theme was about date rape or excessive drinking.  I understand they somewhat correspond to one another, but a clear message or progression of pictures may have expressed that better. If the pictures started out about drinking and partying, then went to excessive drinking (like people passed out), and then pictures about date rape, I think it would have painted a better picture. Besides that there wasn't much else I noticed for improvement. One very minor thing was there were one or two pictures that I would have swapped out for other pictures (one being the man and woman in the beginning of the song). Only other place I could see room for improvement would be if you made subtitles to better explain your point, but this is very minor.

Very good job!!! I'm glad to see you guys managed to make an excellent video with the time constraints and amount of work that needed to be done!!!

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