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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tylin's Feedback on Stewart's Blog 1 Post

I was in total shock when I saw the show you picked is ICarly. I swore I was the only one who watched that show, but you did an awesome job analyzing, Sam my favorite character. You told of all of Sam's aggressive qualities and the way she wanted to change to impress a guy she had a crush on. You brought up the fact that society has convinced girls that acting a bit masculine is not acceptable in the real world especially when it comes to impressing guys.

In my opinion a girl that can stand up for herself is the best kind of girl a guy can have. The image that Sam was trying to portray was not her true self but when the real Sam was revealed in front of the boy she likes he didn't ignore her he has impressed and loved the fact that she takes charge. What you said is true, '"Sam has proven that what it means to be a female in society’s eyes is not what it truly means to be a female." the only thing wrong is a couple of grammar errors here and there but your overall blog is on target.

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