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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ola's feedback to Cara's blog on Constructs of Masculinity and Femininity in 30 Rock

I definitely feel like you did an excellent job. Your transitions from one paragraph to another was great. I really liked your introduction as it was very concise and conveyed your message without having to repeat the same points over.
you also stayed on topic very well and enjoyed reading.
Your first paragraph after your introduction, you presented a very clear view of Mark Donuhue point of view. You stated "The interaction both parodies the idea that “emotion” is a feminine characteristic and equates male homosexuality with femininity." which exactly what i believe mark was trying to say. You analysed a character or episode and backed it up with good quotes from the readings which i felt got your point across faster.

One thing i wasn't so sure of was using multiple characters. I might be wrong but i believe the professor wanted us to analyse one character, not so sure. Withstanding i enjoyed reading and you did a good job!

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