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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sara's Feedback for Jon: "What does it mean to be a man in Philadelphia?"

Hey Jon! I really enjoyed your paper! The episode you chose, which presented a situation that placed the characters out of their comfort zone in order to convey their weaknesses, was ideal for this assignment and a great choice. You also backed-up your point well with great examples from the show, like when the two men were blatantly displaying their masculinity and when Mac assumed the role of a housewife. Your use of quotes was incorporated well into your analysis. However, while reading I was a little unsure about what your thesis was until I reached the end. Maybe it would have been clearer if you had included a more concise thesis in your intro, because at first I thought it was only about the men overtly showing masculinity in order to protect their heterosexuality. The only other advice I have is that I felt like you directly quoted and summarized the episode a bit too often, which kind of interrupted the flow and analysis of the paper. But other than that you did a great job and now I might start actually watching this show!

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