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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meagan's Feedback on Christian

I think that your paper was very focused and hit many topics that suppoerted your main point which was clearly stated in the introduction paragraph. I also found your paper very informative as it followed a cohesive step by step process in proving your points. I also enjoyed the many quotes, it showed me tha you were very interested in your topic of discussion and I found it very easy to believe due to the extensive backup from your sources.

Although a very well constructed paper, I found that you quoted the actual show a little too much. I would have rather heard you analyze the character a little bit more than the things he said. It was almost as if you were quoting the movie and then explaining why you thought it showed chauvanism. I also found it a tad confusing tying in the sources and what they had to do with your main point. You covered alot of points and I would have rather been told this in the beginning rather than having to go back and read the intro again to see if you stated tthis as some of the points that were going to be discussed. Overall though, the paper was excellent and I could learn from your style!! Maybe I should have put this in the 'pros' column!

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