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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cara's feedback on Ola's post: Masculinity And Feminity In the Character of the First Female President

Great job, Ola! I really enjoyed reading this piece.

Three areas that could be improved:
-I think you could have done without the first paragraph. It was more of an introduction about television that didn't pertain to your argument.
-There were a few, slight grammatical errors and typos (Mackenzie vs. McKenzie, "one" thinks..."they" are inclined...)
-The episode's original airdate (2005) might make it a little dated, but I can definitely understand why you chose this series. It has a lot to work with.

Three areas I enjoyed:

-You balanced the exploration of her masculine traits with her feminine ones very well.
-I really liked how many sources you incorporated into your piece. They all fit well within your argument and they provided a wide range of analyses.
-I think you did a great job of providing inductive analysis. You took specific examples of gender constructions in the show and placed their implications into the broader context of society.

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