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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pam's feedback on Kathy's Blog


I liked how you analyzed Mike’s masculinity in this movie, you gave many good examples and proved your point well

I liked how you incorporated quotes on patriarchy, they supported your ideas well and gave me a new perspective on the movie

Needs Improvement:

It got kind of repetitive, since you kept reiterating Mike’s masculinity instead of making new points. You could maybe take some description of his masculinity out and talk about how his masculinity changes through his relationship with Abby. The movie portrays him as becoming the “perfect man” because he breaks his own rules by admitting he likes Abby for more than her body, yet he still maintains his superiority over Abby and remains a strong male character.

You could try and work on your overall organization, since you kept repeating old points instead of making new ones or giving new examples. Also try and explain your quotes instead of just inserting them, however you did choose your quotes well.

Good job, I enjoyed reading this, it gave me a new point of view on Ugly Truth.

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