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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heather's feedback on Alyssa's Gender and Pop Culture Blog: Femininity and Masculinity in Glee

I really like the fact that you chose to analyze the ways in which the show broke the rules that media normally has in regards to gender, showing how Glee challenges our perceptions. Also, I specifically liked the argument you made about Tina. It may have been a more subtle differentiation of gender yet it is very pervasive in our culture.

I would be careful to hone in on the way you are going to analyze your topic earlier. I was not sure where you were going with your argument until half-way through your third paragraph. Also, although I really like your argument, sometimes it felt like it veered away from answering the initial question. If you wanted to tie in what you were saying more, you could have framed it by stating that the way that Glee chooses to define being female is through female empowerment. This was implied but could have been clearer.

Great choice!

PS-Sorry I didn't post this earlier. I talked to Jessie on Thursday because I had to post this tonight due to the power/ internet outages at school.

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