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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica's Comments on Chris' Constructs of Femininity in Glade's Advertising

This was well done.

A few things:
1. The connection made between the Glade commercial and the Lipsitz reading conveyed a really strong point about American consumerism and societal expectations about femininity.
2. The argument flowed really well in connection to the readings. You also did a great job analyzing the 'big picture' and mentioning that commercials like Glade are not the only form of media representing a dominant ideology.

Two suggestions for improvement:
1. The conclusion may have been stronger if it re-stated the stereotypical role of a female in American society.
2. The paper provided a strong argument and connected perfectly with the readings, but it seemed to turn away from the initial argument (womanhood is synonymous with caretaker)into an argument about why the media maintains this stereotype.

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