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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catherine's feedback on Alysse's: Masculinity and Femininity in Everybody Loves Raymond Regarding the characters of Raymond and Deborah

Overall, I really enjoyed reading your piece about the show Everybody Loves Raymond. I would have never thought to examine the relationships between the characters and relate them to the norms of masculinity and femininity like you did.

Your use of the Newman quote supports your examples perfectly to show the relationship between the roles of females and male set by the norms of masculinity and femininity. From this quote you were able to prove that the show depicts Raymond as working and going outside the home while Deborah is the stay at home mom.

The second quote you used also from Newman really helps to prove your point about the fact that Raymond's role on the television show does not typically meet the qualities of the typical masculine man. This shows you that Raymond does not fit the mold which is described by Johnson in is article about typical masculine and feminine characteristics.

One area that i would have liked to see more of is the specific quotes from the show. I think that this would have been able to express better of how they talk and show specific examples of how they go against the norms of masculinity or femininity. Also, i feel that it may have been easier to pick a specific episode to reference for examples.

The second area that I would have liked to see presented differently is the way you talked about both topics. You discussed how Debra and Raymond are both typical which was followed by the idea that they are not part of the norm and do no express certain male or female characteristics. I think it would have been better if you picked on point and argued that side.

I really enjoyed reading your piece and thought that you made excellent points and had great evidence to back them up.

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