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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alex's feedback on Heather's Blog : Femininity and Masculinity as Depicted in The L Word

Some things that stood out in your post were the comparison between Shane and Max and your use of quotes to back you up. Speaking about the masculinity/femininity of the two at the same time was a great way to show the characteristics of each and define one of the words (either masculinity or femininity) in terms of what the other is not. I also as I said liked your use of the readings, particularly Newman's quote in paragraph #4, to further defend and prove your point.

I would have liked to see one example kind of fleshed out all the way. In the post, you provided a good amount of them, and all of them fit; it simply would have been nice to go more in depth on fewer. I also would have liked for your overall point to be more clear in the introduction. I did not truly see where your approach was going until later on in the body.

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