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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heather's Feedback on Alex's "Looking at Esquire Magazine 70 Years Later"

I really like your overall argument. I think the way you used a combination of words (the surveys) and the sexually driven picture speak volumes about how Esquire goes about gendering its magazine. I also found it very relevant that you used the idea that they use a very narrow depiction of gender and further go on to discuss how advertisements impact the culture.

While I understood most of your arguments, the beginning of the second paragraph could use some clarity. You brought up that it actually made a magazine for women but then the rest of your points didn't seem to clearly tie in with that. I can see how they could tie in, so for the future make it more clear how they relate back. Also, I like your thesis, but because it references both now and 70 years ago be careful throughout the rest of the paper to clearly state which time period you are referencing.

Overall, very good analysis of Esquire!

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