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Saturday, May 31, 2008

"What not to Wear? Or What to aspire to be?

Sima’s Blog

Positive Critiques
1. The author’s introduction to some of the initial issues was very well presented and transitioned well all throughout the blog. Creating an analysis of the network, and the various shows on the network really allowed me to understand why the author decided to write about this particular topic. An example would be where the author introduces the idea that some reality television shows examine the structure of femininity and success. She explains how what not to wear is a show that judges, as well as creates an identity for contestants.

2. The author does all this through great usage of text sources. She gives a great analysis as to what the problem is through text support from Hay, Ouellette, Ponzar. The author seems to be very informed as to what the issues are, and often contrast between societal expectations and realtiy television regulations

Other Critiques

Overall, I believe the blog was excellent so I really don’t have any critiques. I do however think that the author ending could have been a little more concise.

The blog gave several ideas for the reader to think about, but I believe that the author was too critical of all the negative things that reality televison or shows like “What Not to Wear” provide. I think it s important to realize that every agenda has an ultimate goal. These ideals are constructed as a conformitory ideal, but in many ways has helped bring structure through


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