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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Real Hegemonies of New York City

Name of author- Sarah

Nice job on:
1. Your analysis of Bethenny. As a fan of the show, I found your depiction of her to be dead on and very interesting. By noting that the underlying factor to Bethenny’s happiness is her boyfriend Jason, you did a nice job portraying the conflicting messages being sent.
2. Your thesis is well written. Through out your post you stay on topic and continue to back up your thesis in your conclusion as well. The body paragraphs flow well from one to another rather than just ending abruptly.

Areas for potential improvement:

1. There are some videos on BravoTV’s website that are hilarious and allow the viewer to get a taste of these five women. I would have like to see a video or more pictures included in your blog to further grab my attention.
2. The paragraphs are not separated from one another so at times it was hard to follow. Perhaps by spacing paragraphs by a line, the blog would be easier to read.

Brianna B.

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