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Friday, May 30, 2008

Maymester 2008 Extra Credit Instructions

Here are the instructions for the extra credit if you wish to do some extra credit work.
Choose a student's blog without comments for the 3rd blog post (unless the comments are from me).
Read the entire post before doing the commenting described below.

Click on the "# Comments" link at the bottom of the post that you're commenting on. The comment form will pop up (feel free to paste the evaluation/commenting feedback criteria below to help you out while commenting) and respond to the following areas by using the criteria below.

Make sure you list at least 2 specific examples of where the author did well and at least 2 examples where the author needs some constructive advice for improvement.


  • Thesis
Clarity, relevance, and ambition of thesis in relation to the assignment (or choice of trajectory for the assignment)
  • Analysis
Analytical ambition demonstrated throughout assignment
  • Sources Used
Relevant use of 2 readings cited in (multiple) in-text citations (in relation to your thesis and points made to support your thesis, as well as the original point made by the author)
  • Clarity
Clarity of writing/format of assignment makes a cohesive and well-supported argument from the introduction through the conclusion (includes necessary length)
  • Works Cited
Works Cited List at end with in-text citations (parenthetical or footnoted) formatted appropriately (MLA style)

Final Steps:
Based on the above, you're feedback will look something like:

Name of author-

Nice job on:

Areas for potential improvement:

Your Name as the commenter (First name with the last initial please)
Your Blog's URL

Final steps to receive extra credit:

Submit your comment ("post comment") after you're finished commenting to the student whose blog you're commenting on.

You will need to copy the comment that you left the author and paste it into the create new post field on the "Class Notes Blog." Make sure you choose the right blog (not your blog, but the Class Notes one...that you accepted the invite to become an author for)

Copy the original post's title into the "title" of the "new blog post" you're creating on the class notes blog.

Copy the URL of the blog that you commented on in the "link field" at the top of the screen below the title.

Make sure you add the labels (you can copy and paste the list below):
Maymester 2008, extra credit, blogging, gender, pop culture, women's studies
(the "labels for this post:" field is between where you'd type a new post and "publish post" and "save as draft")

Then click "publish post" and click "view blog" at the top of the screen, or check to see that your comment made it to the blog as a post! As long as you see it there, you'll receive your extra credit.

If you wish to do a second extra credit assignment, choose a different student and do the same as you did the first time, but instead comment on post 1 or 2 and follow all the instructions above a second time.

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