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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Course Calendar with Reading & Assignment Due Dates

The Professor-Page- Blogging In College: The Gender & Pop Culture Blog Project:

Course Calendar with Reading & Assignment Due Dates

*Indicates reading is posted on SOCS Resources (G) indicates reading in Dines, GRCM Reader Chapters from Ouellette & Hay have no special mark

Class 1

May 12

Introduction to concepts, theories, and key terms/approaches to studying popular culture through the lens of gender

Introduction to the course

Discussion of goals, concepts, and assignments for the semester

Mission to find a computer lab!

Blog Creation / Topic Brainstorming/Link Hunt

Class 2

May 13

Approaches to studying gender & popular culture

2. Kellner, "Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, & Media Culture," 9-20 (G)

3. Croteau & Hoynes, “The New Media Giants: Change Industry Structure,” 21-39 (G)

4. Lipsitz, “The Meaning of Memory: Family, Class, and Ethnicity in Early Network Television,” 40-47 (G)

Sign Up for Presentations today & Discussion about presentations

Class 3

May 14

“Hegemony, patriarchy, & ideologies, oh my!”

5. Newman, Chapter 2, “Manufacturing Difference: The Social Construction of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality”*

6. Lull, "Hegemony," 61-66 (G)

7. Johnson, “Patriarchy, the System: An It, Not a He, a Them or an Us,” 91-98 *

8. Hall, “By the Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media,” 89-93 (G)

Watch episode "Don't Make Me Over" from Family Guy & Daily Show clips on racism and immigration

Class 4

May 15

Interpreting the media’s constructs of the ‘ideal’ & ‘pathological’ subjects

9. Newman, Chapter 3, “Portraying Difference: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Language and the Media” *

10. Pozner, “The Unreal World” *

11. Rogers, “Hetero Barbie?” 94-97 (G)

12. Raymond, “Popular Culture & Queer Representation: A Critical Perspective,” 98-110 (G)

Watch Further Off The Straight & Narrow

Class 5

May 19


(Gendered) Consumers R Us

Student Presentation #1: Edutainment

13. Newman, Chapter 4 “Learning difference: Families, schools, and socialization”

14. Giroux, “Kids for Sale: Corporate Culture & the Challenge of Public Schooling,” 171-175 (G)

15. Messner, “Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the construction of Masculinities” *

16. Ijeoma A. “Because You’re a Girl” *

17. “girls, sexulity, & popular culture” *

Class 6

May 20

The evolving discursive/material constructs of women and beauty in the media industry

18. Ouelette, “Reinventing the Cosmo Girl: Class Identity and Girl-Style American Dreams,” 116-128 (G)

19. Steinem, “Sex, Lies, & Advertising,” (223-229)

20. Breazeale, “In Spite of Women: Esquire Magazine and the Construction of the Male Consumer,” (230-243)

21. Wolf, Excerpt From The Beauty Myth *

Watch Killing Us Softly 3 in Class

Blog Post #1 Due (by 9pm): Engendering Consumers/Gendered Consumption

Class 7

May 21

Marketing Sexual Subjectivities: Masculinity & Femininity Commodified

Student Presentation #2: Advertising Masculinity and Femininity

22. Jhally, “Image-Based Culture: Advertising & Popular Culture,” 249-257 (G)

23. Higginbotham, “Teen Mags: How to Get a Guy, Drop 20 Pounds, and Lose Your Self-Esteem” *

24. Kilbourne, “The More You Subtract, the More You Add: Cutting Girls Down to Size,” 258-267 (G)

25. Kirkham & Weller, “Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study,” 268-273 (G)

26. Katz, “Advertising and the Construction of Violent White Masculinity: From Eminem to Clinique for Men,” 349-358 (G)

Class 8

May 22

Body=Big $$$

The embodiment of ideals

Student Presentation #3: Body Businesses

27. Hesse-Biber, Chapter 1, “A Cult Grows In America” *

28. Hesse-Biber, Chapter 2, “Men and Women: Mind & Body” *

29. Hesse-Biber, Chapter 3, “Selling the Body Beautiful: Food, Dieting, & Recovery” *

30. Hesse-Biber, Chapter 4, “There’s No Business Like the Body Business: Fitness & Cosmetic Surgery” *

May 23

No Class—Memorial Day

No Class Friday

Blog Post #2 Due (by 9pm): Collage Assignment

May 26

No Class—Memorial Day

No Class Monday

Class 9

May 27

Defining Identities & Audience Identity using the Music Industry

Student Presentation #4: Identity-Production in Rock, Rap, & Hip Hop

31. Coates, “Moms Don’t Rock: The Popular Demonization of Courtney Love”*

32. Perry, “Who(se) am I? The Identity and Image of Women in Hip Hop,” 136-148 (G)

33. Cole & Guy-Sheftall, “No Respect: Gender Politics and Hip Hop” *

34. Rose, “Hidden Politics: Discursive and Institutional Policing of Rap Music,” 396-405 (G)

Class 10

May 28

It’s everywhere…

There may be a few reasons: Rereading “Reality TV”

Student Presentation #5: Reality TV’s Multidimensional Power

35. Ouellette & Hay “Introduction,” 1-31

36. Ouellette & Hay “TV Interventions: Personal Responsibility and Techniques of the Self,” 63-98

37. Ouellette & Hay “Makeover TV: Labors of Reinvention,” 99-133

Class 11

May 29

Defining the boundaries of inclusion and otherness

38. Ouellette & Hay “TV & the Self-Defensive Citizen,” 134-169(?)

39. Ouellette & Hay “TV’s Constitutions of Citizenship,” 170-202(?)

Final Class Wrap-Up

Blog Post #3 Due (by 9pm): Rereading Reality TV

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