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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Instructions for Technorati

Last names from A-K start with Technorati…

Last names from L-Z start with Collages

For Technorati:

Go to

  1. Click "Join" at the top of the screen
  2. Create your technorati account…just like you'd create a profile if you were doing so for any other online service that makes you enter your info
  3. When you've done that, click the option for the "quick claim" to claim your blog (click the link directly from the end of the account creation or click on the link that is next to your profile name now that you've created an account at the top of the screen that says "edit"
    if you do so and you see your username and the place where you'd change your password, click on the little tab that says "blogs" and then claim your blog
  4. Make sure you have a second browser window open and go to your blog's url (
  5. Claim your blog by adding the code (yes, it's computer code, but just copy and paste) using the instructions to add the code to your blog in the "Layout" area of your blog's settings page.
  6. Add a new little rectangle to the same area you added the logo picture (on the first day of class) by clicking "add page element" and then select the one for "HTML/Java" and paste the code from technorati in the box that appears.
  7. Paste the code from technorati based on the icon you chose….it's simple Control and A to select all, then Control C to copy and then go to your blog where the little window popped up for the page element add, and Control V to paste the code into the box.
  8. Click save changes, drag the rectangle to where you want it…anywhere below the picture for the logo is fine
  9. Then click "save" in the main layout page on your blog
  10. Go back to Technorati and make sure you configure your "widget" and hit "save settings" or "Release the spiders" whichever appears
  11. On your blog's layout page click "view blog" next to the layout tab
  12. Check that your blog is showing the image with the link count (or whatever you've added for the technorati icon) or if you see "view blog info" and "view profile info" you're good to go! Sometimes it takes technorati a while to add your blog and once it does the image will appear.

For the Collages:

Please disregard the assignment's inclusion of PowerPoint and see the email I sent for more info if you need help with creating a collage

You can also add individual images like you did for the first blog post assignment and create the collage in the "post new blog" area of blogger

Start finding images for your collage (or testing the image use if you've started the collage already)

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