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Monday, May 19, 2008

Corporate Kids: Gendered Consumers/Engendering Consumerism

Corporate Kids: Gendered Consumers/Engendering Consumerism

Week 2, Class 5…

Student Presentation #1: Edutainment



  1. Newman, Chapter 4 "Learning difference: Families, schools, and socialization"
  2. Giroux, "Kids for Sale: Corporate Culture & the Challenge of Public Schooling," 171-175 (G)
  3. Messner, "Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the construction of Masculinities" *
  4. Ijeoma A. "Because You're a Girl" *
  5. "girls, sexulity, & popular culture" *


Corporate Kids! Gendered Consumers and Engendering Consumerism

Consumerism at School, Home, & Beyond:

Corporations, Media & Toys:

Giroux- Captive Audiences

Age:    Elementary School/Preschool

Fundraisers…Corporations profit even more when the salespeople are small…children gotta love them…their labor is free!

Chuck E Cheese
Top of FormBottom of Form


Kids Reward Calendars
6 free printable reward calendars to help kids develop in areas that are some of the most common challenges of parenting.

Tokens for Grades®
Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades.

Teacher Resources
Tools from Chuck E. Cheese's to help make learning more fun.

Cross Promotions
Check out the newest kid friendly partners of Chuck E. Cheese's for extra savings and cool new products.


Wait!?!?! What exactly do teachers need from Chuck E. Cheese in relation to the stated "Teacher Resources"?

Learning? In the ball pit? Or, is that in the arcade?

Age:    Middle School & High School (in the school)

Channel One

Kids have to sit still when it's the law in most states to be in school between the ages of 7 and 16…

Advertising to "A Captive Audience" on Channel One! Your school may get free equipment…and your school may have no control over its use! Big Brother-Like On/Off without a remote (only in select, socioeconomically underprivileged locations…)

NBC Owned…

News-ish programs, dwarfed by advertising! YAY!!!

Education for Tomorrow?

Consumers in Training!

Remember what W said… "[when terror strikes,] "Go shopping!"

Age: Middle School/High School

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty

"Empowering Young Girls"

Age: Target Marketing On College Campuses

Axe Website: Flash intro…while your "Mojo" is Loading!

The catch?!?!

Unilever Owns both Axe & Dove!

My Spring 2008 Semester Section 4 class targeted this particular issue in Graffiti J

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