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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steph H. Ragonese. Riot Grrls Castrate Cock Rock in New York , Ragonese

Steph Herrick
WGS 220
Riot Grrls Castrate Cock Rock in New York Ragonese

- Upset with the way that women are represented in music, approached K-rock to educate them on women musicians and get them to change their playlists

- Brought cd's featuring woman artists and balloons saying to play women artists
- Went into the K-rock office, got on air to express their opinions, even if k-rock was just going to mock them
- Felt like revolutionaries for the five minutes they were allowed on the radio

- A world where women rockers and musicians are appreciated just as much as men and given playing time on the radio

- Spread the world to thousands of girls out there
- Do something about it- ex. Ragonese and her friends went directly to K-rock, got on the air, and expressed how they felt.

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