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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steph H. Coates. Moms Don’t Rock: The Popular Demonization of Courtney Love

Steph Herrick
WGS 220
Moms Don't Rock: The Popular Demonization of Courtney Love

- Mothers don't belong in the dangerous and masculine world of rock and roll (325)

- Motherhood softens rocker
- Or frames in a way to make being a mom masculine
- Men sexuality- without consequences, babies
- Women- questions this, takes meaning out of rock and roll and motherhood
- Articles frame Love as a crappy mother, one includes that she did give her daughter ear plugs
- Doesn't represent family values
- Love appearance isn't that of a normative mother
- Bringing her daughter is contradictory, good mother b/c she's with her daughter, bad mother because of where she's taking her (rock concerts etc.)
- Rocker women battle with having to be feminine in a masculine world
- It's acceptable for men to behave like rock and rollers, unacceptable for women who are mothers, or going to have children

Vision: Not stated
Strategy: Not stated

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