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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyle G. Breazeale, “In Spite of Women”

- The Magazine Esquire, was the first to make an attempt to market to the mail consumer, and by doing so all they did was bash females as second class in order to make males feel dominant and upper class.

- The consumerism market of this era was directed towards women as they were viewed as the stay at home, spend the money consumer. Esquire saw that there was an opportunity to market to men, but in doing so, they took misogynistic ideals and turned them into paper, in order to make men feel comfortable reading it.

- A market to both men and women using neither one or the other gender to bring more profits in from either gender demographic. This involves mainly the male demographic as the magazines directed towards men seem to bash the other gender in order to generate interest and profit. Racism also will no longer be used in the magazine to make the idea of the reader as the white, dominant male in society.

- Today to reach this goal, personas like Howard Stern need to be done away with. All it does is generate interest in something that is bashing another gender. Male magazines need to stop using females as a seduction and selling point. Breazeale said, "Sounds all too familiar to anyone acquainted with Esquire's attempt to seduce and construct the male consumer."

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