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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyle G. Wolf. "Brideland"

Wolf, Brideland

- The idea of Brideland exists in Bridal magazines and makes women want to create a magical, Cinderella type atmosphere for themselves on the day of marriage to mask other ideas and things going in to the marriage.

- Many factors play into why Brideland exists. Things such as keeping up with the Jones's, the emphasis put on woman from society for marriage at a young age, ideals of giving yourself to a man and having one day for yourself, and following tradition.

- Women, men, and the institution of marriage will change and realize what they may be endorsing when they get married. Limitations put on women and homosexual relationships should be changed to make things more equal, and the need for a Cinderella type ball of a wedding should no longer be pushed on women for the wrong reasons. Wolf states "How can I justify sealing such a private, precious relationship with a legal bond that lets a man rape his wife in fourteen states?"

- No real strategy as to how to get to the vision was given, but it can be assumed that to get to the vision actions would need to be taken to educate women and men about situations that occur during and after weddings and why they take place. Also restrictions placed on women and homosexuals in relationships need to be updated and changed for equality.

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