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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kyle G. Hall, "The Whites of Their Eyes"

Hall, "The Whites of Their Eyes"

- The media promotes racism through many different ways, including racism being blamed on extremists and them alone, race relations for comedy or information, and old movies or tv shows and their wrong ideas.

- These racist ideals and actions in the media exist because of the lack of insight and knowledge about the subject and also because of 2 things such as overt racism and inferential racism, moreso the latter. Hall states "By inferential racism I mean those apparently naturalized representations of events and situations relating to race, whether "factual" or "fictional," which have racist premises and propositions inscribed in them as a set of unquestioned assumptions."

- Hall argues that "One noticeable fact about all these images is their deep ambivalence – the double vision of the white eye through which they are seen." The views on race situations in the media are still incorrect, and creation of these situations will be more diverse and given thought from more then one group of creators.

- Reaching the vision requires creators and viewers of the media to realize different assumptions and views placed on race and racism such as images like the slave-figure, the native figure, and the clown or entertainer figure. Both sides of racism must not use the media to their advantage and learn to use it to help fix the problem that exists in today's media.

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