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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kyle G. Ouellette, "Inventing the Cosmo Girl"

Ouellette, "Inventing the Cosmo Girl"

- The ideas of the cosmo girl image exist because of women and men pushing women to be something they aren't, and to go out of there way to get to a man. Encouraging women to get into the work office, but only as a secretary and office flirt is what some articles from cosmo had pushed in the past.

- The reality of women trying to become upper class, look like a certain image, and trying to get an upper class rich man exists because of the ideas expressed by figures in the media and upper class. Articles on flirting and getting to the top through things other then hard work and brains gave women the wrong view and ideas on how they can be successful. Ouellette states "the book offered step-by-step advice on personal appearance, budget apartment dwelling, working, and, above all, flirting."

- A society of women and men working in the business world and looked at in the same way. Women not having to change who they are or how they do things in order to impress a man, or to go for a man just because he can support them because of his wealth and power.

- Magazines and media need to stop giving the wrong ideas onto impressionable and aspiring women in the country. Some ideas such as working and being equal are correct but the mixed messages about flirting and how to get there are wrong and need to stop.

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