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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Greg B. Tricia Rose. "Hidden Politics: Discursive and Institutional Policing of Rap Music"

Greg Bull
November 30, 2007
Gender & Popular Culture
WGS 220-05

Tricia Rose. Hidden Politics: Discursive and Institutional Policing of Rap Music

Description: There is an attitude of hostility expressed by the authority towards rap music, black youths, and black people in general.

Analysis: "there was an almost palpable sense of hostility on behalf of the guards as well as the patrons" (397)

• Laughing and joking among men and women, which had been loud and buoyant… turned into virtual silence." (397)
• Black-in-black crime does not carry the same moral weight

Vision: A better understanding of rap by the general (white) public that realizes the true goal of rap music- the struggle over access to public space, community resources, and the interpretation of black expression.

Strategy: None stated.

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