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Friday, November 30, 2007

Chrissie- the sexual politics of interpersonal behavior

Christine Beha
September 7, 2007
Reading Outline
WGS 220

Description: Women are so continually reminded by society that they are
infieror to men that is had become a reality to them. (pg 84)

- Nonverbal messages such as advertisements are seen every day by women
and portray images that support and encourage this problem (pg 84)
- Encouraging women to act in certain ways such as showing emotion, not
initiating touch (87), and not making eye contact men (87) leave the men
with the choice to do that opposite and puts them in a position of power
over women.
- Verbal messages such as the belief that men should speak in loud voices
while women should be soft spoken (90) and that it is acceptable for men
to swear (89) but not women puts the man in a state of dominance.
-Girls are taught from a young age to be "feminine" and to practice all
of these qualities is the ideal.

Vision: Learning the significance of the nonverbal and verbal
communications can help women recognize these acts by both men and women.

Strategy: Women should think about the way they want to act whether it is
a "masculine" or "feminine" trait to respond the way they feel is right to
a situation as they monitor themselves. (91)

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