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Friday, November 30, 2007

chrissie- but i know you american woman

Christine Beha
September 18, 2007
WGS 220
"But I Know You, American Woman"

Description: Most American women are ignorant when it comes to Latin
cultures, but assume they can understand after one discussion, reading,
etc. (83)

-There is a lack of emphasis on learning different languages and locations
of other countries in America. (84)
-Just as women live in a male dominated society, other countries live in
an American dominated society meaning Latin people in an American society
will speak English and abide by American rules and customs, disregarding
their background. (84)
-Americans accept the stereotypes of the Latin people that the men are
more macho and the women are more oppressed (86)

Vision: To get past the point of having to explain and defend our
different cultures. (88)

- Learning about other cultures must be a shared experience (88)
-Go beyond one's guilt and/or ignorance and admit one's lack of knowledge

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