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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Greg B. Giroux, Henry. Kids for Sale

Greg Bull
September 28, 2007
Gender & Popular Culture
WGS 220-05

Giroux, Henry. Kids for Sale

• Public schools have resorted to selling their space for advertising, exposing children to our over commercialized society prematurely

• strapped for cash, schools converted places where student artwork, school notices and classroom displays used to be to space for advertisement. 171
• Companies supply goods to schools in exchange for the students to take taste test, trial products etc. when they should be learning. 173

• None stated
• Education should "develop a vocabulary that affirms non-market values such as love trust and compassion is particularly important for the public schools, whose function is in part to teach students about the importance of critical dialogue, debate, and decision making in a participatory democracy." 174

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