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Friday, November 30, 2007

Chrissie- girls, sexuality, and popular culture

Christine Beha
September 25, 2007
WGS 220
Girls, Sexuality, and Popular Culture Summary

Description: In the United States' computers, television, radio, etc.
women's sexuality is being demoralized especially through young girls.

-Popular music contains young girls throwing themselves at men. (23)
-Popular culture uses the term "girl" when talking about sexual relations
with "men". (23)
-Many films contain men lusting over young girls who are portrayed as in
love and unaware of the man's intentions. (23)
- Being wanted by a man is displayed as powerful. (23)

Vision: To develop sexual education that teaches girls about their body
and the ideas of cultural revisionist feminists.

- Teach girls to trust their desires. (24)
- Teach girls the dangers incorporated with being in charge of one's
sexual self. (24)
-Teach girls the messages popular culture spreads. (24)
-Teach girls to be in control of their own bodies. (24)

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