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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pat M. Henry A. Giroux. Kids for Sale.

1. -Schools are allowing corporations to advertise and do market research of students in exchange for money, ingraining the habit of consumerism compulsively, and at a young age.
2. -The corporations that do this make a much greater profit than the small financial gain experienced by the school due to the creation of new consumers. (72)
-The schools most susceptible to these practices are those without the resources to truly monitor the impact of a commercial presence among children. (72)
-In addition to corporate sponsorship of curriculum, many schools sell parts of their building as advertising space. (72)
-Some schools also allow their students to be used in market research, masking the practice as "educational". (73)
-This corporate influence serves to undermine democracy in that children are taught early on that what you consume defines you, rather than who you are or the knowledge you have. (73)
3. -Schools should eschew the small financial gains that these corporations bring and realize that they are hurting, not helping the development of their students as free-thinking individuals. (Implied)
4. -School curriculum should focus on values like trust and compassion and teach children the importance of critical thinking and making your own decisions.

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