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Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Coleman Moskovich

Joe Coleman
Outline for Moschkovich
September 18, 2007

The letter centers on a Jewish-Latina-American citizen. She is fed up with others making blanket assumptions about her and her culture, and this is a response letter to a widely spread letter which showed an ignorant view of Latin-American culture.

· Lack of knowledge or understanding regarding other cultures is the basis for the oppression.
· Isolationist educations allow for such narrow-mindedness and miss-education.
· She likens it to the struggle between men and women in a patriarchal society. Men are like the people who do not understand the culture and do not make any attempts to understand them while women try to adapt to the male-dominated society.
· Uninformed people usually latch onto one single country of origin, not even knowing that there are other places that people’s heritage come from, i.e. Latinos only from Spain, African-Americans only from Africa. They use this to make assumptions about the type of people who have heritage from these countries and continue to make mistakes in speech and writing. This is especially true if the United States tried to aid them, because then “everyone” is an expert.
· The author urges people to get information regarding people’s cultures from those people themselves rather than trust sources who have no idea.

The author wishes to see women educated in a way where new feminist ideals that are thought of are not bogged down in a manner that is cluttered with their own Anglo patriarchal views, but rather enlightened by some in-depth research. This does not include just going out and reading one book, or listening to one conversation, or clinging to stereotypes.

have an attitude of care and respect for each other from an educated point of view, and new ideas and mindsets might actually catch on through research or spreading awareness.

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