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Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Coleman Higginbotham

Joe Coleman
Outline for Higginbotham
October 2, 2007

Teen Magazines negatively influence girls in their youth and can transform them into superficial beings.
· These magazines work off of the assumptions that all girls need model like improvement to “catch” guys.
· The magazines in a way show girls how to look sexy and attract boys, but say nothing about self-defense or self-esteem boosters. Everything is about looks.
· All the articles and ads reinforce every know stereotype concerning the woman’s second-class place in society.

Girls have readily said in surveys that they criticize the magazines, but read them anyway. There needs to be a change.

Make a magazine that explores more choices depending on the person reading, and articles that explore the real reasons behind the actions of girls. “if they can be so brazen about teaching a girl how to kiss the boy of her dreams, they can teach her how to kiss a girl. They just won’t.”

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