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Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Coleman Brideland

Joe Coleman
Outline for September 14, 2007
When the fact hits that a woman is getting married, she goes through a transformation involving many of the subconscious ideals that even gender studies educated people throw to the wayside sometimes.

· One must analyze the whole picture and terminology of weddings. The author presents an interesting look at the origins of the word honeymoon and some chilling laws in certain states.
· The overly advertised and trendy ad campaigns of bridal shops and magazines really play to
· the patriarchal system and its hard for women to not give in to something that portrays a fantasy they have been conditioned to yearn for since they played with Barbie dolls.
· The best word to describe the state that the person is in is a haze. She gives the example of her own wedding announcement and says that even though she saw everything that was going on and noticed a lot of the wrong and demeaning aspects about the process, she still was caught up in said haze.
Wedding advertisements are a great example of the complete patriarchal system that we live in.

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