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Friday, September 21, 2007

"The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior" p84-93. Henley and Freeman. Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy
September 7, 2007
WGS 220 Section 05
Henley & Freeman. "The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior." P84-93


• Status within one's society witnessed through social interactions,
specifically through gender and power(p.84)

• Nonverbal messages reassert status
o Advertisements present assumed roles (p84)
o Women's personal space taken for granted (p84)
o Female demeanor radiates submission (p86)
o Forced types of dress (p86)
o Superior can initiate touching (p88)
• Verbalization used as dominance, ie interruption, swearing(p89)

• Women recognize implications behavior personifies and demand that others
respond to their intentions instead of implications (p91)
• Revealing emotions (p91)
o Change nonverbal behavior only when contradicts intention (p91)
o Ignore gender roles and behave in ways which make them feel strong (p91)

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