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Friday, September 21, 2007

Newman, Portraying the Difference: race, class, and sexuality in language and the media. (71-105). (Roz Bocker)

• Language powerful in defining identity/social reality (73)
• Slurs=derogatory terms, often applied to nonmembers of target groups
(football coach calls players "girls") (76)
• Gendered language usually assumes male (freshmen, chairmen, fellowship)
• Ethnoracial= colors have meanings (black= dirty, soiled, white= pure,
good) (79)
• Panethnic labels= lump together, all "blacks" ="Africans" etc. (82)
• Media reinforces/invents labels for class, gender, race, ethnicity,
sexuality (88)
• Define selves without adjectives and labels, no need to portray "way of
life" (103-104)
• Reject reinforced memberships, assumptions/be aware of linguistic
conventions (103)

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