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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Katie K. Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Katie Kokoszka
WGS 220-05
Paulo Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
• The oppressed need to develop a pedagogy of their liberation. (9)
• The oppressed will not gain liberation unless they fight for it. (6)
• Many times in the beginning stages of liberation the oppressed become oppressors because of how they were shaped. (7)
• Freedom is feared by the oppressed because of the conquest that coincides with it as well as the fear of further repression. (8)
• There is a duality fighting within the oppressed, they want freedom but are scared of it and of the fight for it. (8)
• The oppressors dehumanize themselves when violating others. Yet, when the oppressed fight to be human again some of the oppressor's humanity is slightly restored. (14)
• There are 2 stages in a pedagogy: 1st- the oppressed must commit themselves to transformation and show their world of oppression. 2nd- the pedagogy stands for all men not just the oppressed in order for permanent liberation. (13)
• Liberation where there are no longer oppressors or oppressed people just joint men searching for freedom together. (9)
• First, men must recognize oppression, its causes, and allow a transformation in pursuit for a fuller humanity. (8, 9) This is possible through a pedagogy which establishes a relationship where communication between the oppressed and oppressors is permanent and open. (23)

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