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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Katie K. Moschkovich. "But I Know You American Woman"

Katie Kokoszka
WGS 220-05
Judit Moschkovich. "But I Know You American Woman"

• There is a large lack of cultural knowledge in the American culture which leads to the cultural oppression of "outsiders." (83)
• Those born, raised, and educated in America are usually ignorant to cultures that are not their own. (84)
• It is not the oppressed's job to teach the oppressors about culture. (83)
• A similar issue arises with men and women; women live in a male's world, they follow male's rules and language yet males do not know or understand women. (84)
• Latin America is dominated by American culture from American TV shows and music to the clothes worn. (85)
• Americans can express all they want about other cultures but once the tables are turned it is not ok or forbidden. (86)
• The system of oppression need to change and get to the point where cultures that differ from the American culture do not have to defend or explain their own cultures. (88)
• First, caring, respect, and understanding of one another is necessary. Then once this happens a shared learning experience about different cultures has to take place but time also needs to be devoted since it is not a one shot deal. (88)

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