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Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading Outline #2 from: "Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007

"Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007: "
Reading Outline #2

Amanda Ganza
Gender and Popular Culture
Reading Outline #2
January 31, 2007

Key Terms

Ducat, “Gender in a Time of Holy War: Fundamentalist Femiphobia and Post-9/11 Masculinity”
*Fundamentalists – those who possess an inability to tolerate ambiguity, whom the author calls “crusaders for certainty”; in the gender realm, fundamentalists are those who desire to restore ultimate patriarchal domination and punish those who stray from their prescribed gender roles
*Femiphobic – the hatred and suppression of all things feminine

Marjane Strapi, “Persepolis – Introduction and The Veil”
*Islamic Revolution – a revolution in 1979 during which the Shah fled Iran, and a repressive regime took over
*Cultural Revolution – changing the way society is run by attempting to eradicate all traces of foreign culture, or culture that goes against the morals and beliefs of the new regime
*Prophet – someone who talks to God and has a Holy Book, creating rules of behavior and morality

Johnson, “Patriarchy, the System: An It, Not a He, a Them, or an Us”
*Individualistic perspective – the view that considers everything as beginning and ending with individuals, ignoring that we are all participating in somethi"

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