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Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading Outline #1 from: "Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007

"Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007: "
Reading Outline #1

Amanda Ganza
Gender and Popular Culture
Reading Outline #1
January 28, 2007

Key Terms

“Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, & Media Culture”
*Hegemony – ruling social and cultural forces of domination
*Counter-Hegemony – forces of resistance and struggle
*Political Economy of Culture – cultural texts within their system of production and distribution
*Semiotics – a critical approach for investigating the creation of meaning not only in written languages but also in other, nonverbal codes, such as visual and auditory languages of film and TV; analyzes how linguistic and nonlinguistic cultural “signs” form systems of meanings

“The Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media”
*Ideology – those images, concepts and premises which provide the frameworks through which we represent, interpret, understand, and “make sense” of some aspect of social existence; the articulation of different elements into a distinctive set or chain of meanings
*Language – the principal medium in which we find different ideological discourses elaborated
*Overt racism – open and favorable coverage is given to arguments, positions and spokespersons who are n the business of elaborating an openly racist argument or advancing a ra"

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