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Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading Outline #3 from: "Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007

"Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television: February 2007: "
Reading Outline #3

Amanda Ganza
Gender and Popular Culture
Reading Outline #3
February 5, 2007

Key Terms

George Lipsitz, “The Meaning of Memory: Family, Class, and Ethnicity in Early Network Television”
*Consumer consciousness – a reluctance to spend due to the lessons of historical experiences
*Suburban Market – a connection between suburban growth and increased consumer spending; a new market opening up in middle-class and working-class families who could afford to own homes and buy new cars every few years

Diane Raymond, “Popular Culture and Queer Representation: A Critical Perspective”
*Queer theory – a body of knowledge connected to lesbian/gay studies that advocates fluidity
*Queer – someone who rejects binary categories and is politically radical
*Connotative readings – an analytical approach seeking to find credible readings that our homophobic/heterosexist culture normally prevents us from seeing in a text
*Symbolic annihilation – the invisibility of gays and lesbians in mass media, representing the powerlessness of the queer community
*Ideology – constructs how we view positions and identities
*Cumpulsory Heterosexuality – shows heterosexuality as natural and inevitable, establishing it as a practice with its own set of expectations, nor"

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