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Monday, March 26, 2007

Class Notes 3/22/07

Liz S.

Notes on 3-22-07

Some things you guys need to know:

- Evaluate/grade everyone in your group except the liason this week

- The group scoring will expire Monday at beginning of class

- FYI: Send the emails to the liaisons via socs if the ones I supply are incorrect for some reason (their names are here)

Marketing and Political Economy Team

- Want to focus on sales in popular culture, economy and consumerism. Focus on ads and merchandising on blogs.

- Where people are looking and who- what are the most popular topics. Will have a blogger and a blog of the week possibly! (whoever leaves the most comments). This will be used to promote the blog!

- If you have constructive criticism, put it in the contributor blog. (even if they are not the blogger of the week). Amanda will send us address to send it to.

- Jess T- comments on what consumer topics are out there and used technoroti to see what was the most popular blog.

- Other Jess- has links of actual merchandise (there are a bunch of links for this for each topic).

- We focus on reality T.V. and gender. People want to see stuff about poker, money, and Paris Hilton.

- They use ads to analyze what’s posted on the blog.

- Analyze ad cents. How ads “live together in harmony” (but only 9 people have them)!

- Ads- most are about beauty and losing weight and eating disorders. They contradict what we should write about,

- 2nd part- start getting name out there.

- Want us to click on ad cents stuff.

- Person to punish of the week! Click and look at site. Make them pay! Do not click on your own ads!

- Set code for stat counter. Visitors from all over! They have a keyword analysis.

- Fix technorati with your link (if not it goes to Amanda)

- group liason (Jess T.)

- Melissa and Eric= ad cents

Creative Team

- Try to make blog look better

- Put own pic on, class logo, video, audio, etc.

- They copy and pasted Picassa info.

- Music- free of charge. Name, info, password. Can put into your own blog! Name what songs you want in your settings (page element). BE WARNED- copyrighting issues!!!

- Adding graphics. Online and pic relates to your blog. Right click, properties, add image from the web. Put in the link.

- Can also take a pic on cell phone and use it.

- Add video (it’s easy). ex. Copy the link. Paste code on scription box. Can also add own videos.

- Can get really customized templates, but you need to add stuff through the script, and it’s just pretty darn complicated so don’t do it.

- Nicole= audio website. Can do audio blogging. Costs money though. You just call a phone number and will get added to the blog.

- Need to download Picassa to use collage feature.

- Pat is the liason.

Buzz Team

- Liason- Dan G.

- Email is the way he wants to be contacted.

- Proposal: Generate info and feedback so people can better find them and us.


- Posted all the individual blog sites to digg- added names and individual blogs. Found stories on ones not our class blogs. They’re behind the scenes, trying to get traffic.

- Tell how to get story on Post will be on digg if “it’s descent.”

- They hope to get our name out there more.

- People are angry! They are haters! You can “undigg” them! (I should know, I got the “I hate this shit” comment lol).

- We will digg people to make them look at our stuff.

- You can post what you’ve found and it will generate interest.

- You can digg what the professor has dug.

- Our blogs have been dug many times!

- Easy to create digg profile! (not a search engine, lol!)

- Like using url instead of your name as a signature.

- Jessie found widgets site. Can link. Expand widgets on html.

- If someone wants to dig, can just use tag (Go to Jessie’s office hours). Put urls to blog there as well.

- Can digg everything someone else did.

- Start digging for each other!!!

The P.R. Team

- Job to get the word out on our blogs

- They made a facebook group. They’re trying to get the people on campus to check us out.

- “Check us out, we’re bloggers!”

- Get friends to join!

- Put links to blogs on facebook page and on myspace.

- Campus radio. Hourly promotion of project on air. Leo chatted about it for a ½ hr.

- They have a team flyer! Check it out! Can save and put on myspace and facebook!

- Devon is group liason.

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