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Monday, March 26, 2007

Class Notes 3/19/07

Prepared by Darling C.

WGS 220- Prof. Gamble

Class notes for 3/19/07

  • All students must submit assessments for group members and self.
  • Students must remember to update group blog.

RECAP FROM THE DOCUMENTARY, “Jesus Camp”- Judgment vs. Analysis

  • When posting to blog, watch language. Determine what analysis and judgment consist of. Some terms used in blog post may be degrading to actors or shows discussed.
    • Example: The show, “Girls Next Door,”

What to say: “the show depicts society’s view of women as being vixens”

What not to say: “The girls on the show are vixens”

  • Ask why controversy surrounding show is present, look at the contributing factors. Examine if this should really be the case.

  • When posting, watch grammar, especially quotes.



Women are wives, mothers, and the primary caregivers.


Women occupy leadership roles, have jobs, and choose their own religion.

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