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Monday, March 26, 2007

Class Notes 2/24/2007

Class Notes Feb. 24, 2007

Prepared by Jen M.

Gender, Class, & Race in the Media

Object of Analysis: Ms. Magazine & Advertising

Woman's Magazine- Gloria Steinem

Target demographic: White stay at home Mom, straight women,

No lesbians or feminists (considered by advertisers to be not the target demographic group for women--outside of womanhood),

In short, these women were considered "children & family haters" (example: Toy. Co would not advertise)

& there would also be no trade ads.

Ms. Magazines Ads

female content women magazine appeal to typical women

no recipes no food ads without recipes

race/color issue: trouble getting White people in ads only.

models that were not white Several years before colored/

INCLUSIVE ADS other races before coporations

were willing to advertise

did not want cigarette ads Cigarette co. wanted to advertise

Airlines would not advertise because

airline travel decisions were not made

by women, only men.

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